Walk-In Closets

Walking into your closet and not being able to decide what to wear is one dilemma, but not being able to find what to wear is tragic. If this is you then there’s no need to despair. Cobbra Closets’ designers are ready to take on the challenge.

We begin the journey into organization with a complementary home consultation to assess your particular requirements, space availability, and life style preferences. With this information in hand we create a custom design resulting in a functional solution that matches your personal style, wardrobe, and daily use of your closet.

Closet organization is an art. With any work of art the proof is in the details. Cobbra Closets provides accessories that embellish your new organized space by adding shoe shelves, padded jewelry drawers, belt and tie racks, ironing boards, as well as pullout rods to coordinate your next day’s wardrobe choices. Choose from a variety of decorative knobs and handles.

The next step in developing your dream closet is to layer the look by adding decorative elements such as crown molding, base molding, fluted moldings, and other unique aesthetic features. First Class upgrades are available to include unique colored or etched glass inserts for the closet doors and for countertops using granite slabs.

Each design is presented using our proprietary 3D design software that allows you to view the final product from any angle and make any final changes to fine tune your closet experience.