Kids’ Closets

Your kid’s closet needs just as much organization, storage and style as yours. The difference is that we have to think small when organizing clothes closets for kids. Kids need to find what they are looking for without making a mess. Short stacks and shallow drawers work the best, with toys and books on open shelves in plain sight.

Kid’s closets can easily become catch-all spaces when they are asked to clean their rooms. The best chance to defend against closet chaos is a good offense: an organized closet. As kids grow their need for storage solutions change. They progress from needing space to store their toys, to shelves for their books, and even quiet places to do their homework.

Our fully adjustable shelving allows the closet to grow with the child and easily adapts with just a few simple adjustments. Our designer can help in choosing the components and color that best suits your child’s wardrobe, habits, and personality.